Friday, November 9, 2012

What kind of Parent are You?

Last year we took a Love and Logic parenting course to better our parenting skills and techniques so our children grow up happy and strong.  In that course they talk about the various types of parents, helicopter, drill sergeant, and consultant.  I had been for the most part all three of these at times.  However, in learning more about the effect that they have on our children the more I am trying to improve my personal parenting skills.  When you are a drill sergeant, your children will grow up not knowing how to make tough choices on their own because they have been told how to make all their choices.  When you are a helicopter you are hovering over your children and "rescuing" them from the hostile world in which they live.  The consultant is the most important to model ourselves after.  A consultant parent provides guidance and consultant services for the children when they need them.  This method provides to our children messages of personal worth and strength.  I heard this song again today and it gave me a subtle reminder to not be that drill sergeant or helicopter parent but to be the Consultant and "Let them be little."  

Our children deserve the right to enjoy life and we are to teach them the safest and most rewarding ways to achieve that goal.  I think Lehi is a great example to us as how to teach and raise our children in righteousness (1Nephi 1:1)  I would like to challenge us all to look at our own parenting styles and determine which of these three parenting styles you are and how you can work towards becoming a Consultant.

Enjoy the Snow!!!!!

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