Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to 9-5

Okay so it has been a long while since my last post.  Sorry for being busy and happy at the same time.  Wait, I am not sorry I am stoked!

I got myself a real job again putting me back on track to my career goal.  It has its pros and cons of course but at least I am not running my self into the ground feeling like I can never get anything accomplished.  This was the feeling I had the majority of the time while at home.  I loved the time with my kiddos but really missed grown up conversations.

We took a Step Family class that was offered through Utah State University the past 6 weeks.  Marcella and I went into it with different expectations as most couples would I think.  It was free mind you.  I thought it would be more of a trial and error so that the University could produce more structured materials for future classes.  Marcella went into it thinking we would get help, support and tools to use in our home and build stronger step-relationships with our kids.  I could bore you all with the nonsense that was discussed by some of the couples or the lack of tools and structure of the class but all in all we met some Great Families that share our frustrations and challenges.  It is amazing to think that once you have been married with kids it would be so much easier the second time around.  LOL!  Boy were we way off!  The MAIN point that w
e took from that class was the importance of building our own personal relationship to be unbreakable and everything else will be manageable.  It has been a wonderful experience so far focusing on her and I so that we can be strong and stable for our kids while they go through their learning/trial period.

I just wanted to post a quick tidbit of where we are now and let everyone know what an Amazing Family I have been blessed with.  I hope I can continue to grow in patience and kindness and our children follow suit.

Thanks for reading and I will try and be better at regular posts :)

The New More Patient and Kind Tage!

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