Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"this isn't working for me"

You have had a day filled with nothing but cleaning and checking things off the "honey do list" when Rockstar  strolls into the house from school ready to play and nothing else.  Why would she want to do anything other than play when she has been at school all day?  Since I am the parent at home, I am the bad guy who gets to tell her to do her homework.  This does not go over well roughly 63% of the time :)  They are even doing Math right now and I loved Math.  After this year of helping with school work, I am 100% sure I was not cut out to be a teacher. 

Confident Happy
My Wife suggested that I use food or snacks as a motivator for her.  This is where understanding your children and how they are motivated really comes in handy.  I as a step dad have yet to figure all these details out but I am with the patience of my children and Amazing Wife.  My wife arrived home and went upstairs with a small bowl of treats.  It took about 35min but she was able to focus her and she completed her homework assignment.   It was even correct!                               

What I learned from this experience was to "listen" to the subtle hints that my children are giving to me telling me, "this isn't working for me."  Once I become familiar with these hints I will be better able to recognize them.  In theory that is!  I am grateful for these continuous learning opportunities and for the knowledge that our own family, friends and neighbors can give meaningful suggestions to help out.  We are all trying to get to the same point of having well taught, independent, strong willed, wise, kind, and generous children to send out into the world when that time comes.  I hope it doesn't come as fast as these last couple of years .

Enjoy your Hump Day!  Make a goal to "Listen" to the needs of your children and don't punish them for being kids:)

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  1. You are doing great hon! I hated Math, it was extremely frustrating for me. It never made any sense to me. With my Dad being an Engineer and loving and teaching Math, I found it to be intimidating and felt stupid when he would help me. I knew he knew the answer, but I just couldn't figure it out. It's gonna take a whole lot of patience. Or just let her play and I can give her gummie bears when I get home, and brush up on my 2nd Grade math skills...he he.