Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Really Happened!

So I am a Stay at Home Dad now.  Does this mean that my wife and I's roles literally reverse?  

Does the A/C unit emit subtle spurts of Estrogen? I mean really, why would I be easily offended and or angered at the fact the my wife had to work later than she told me she would?

She calls me and says that her work is offering OT so I am like, "heck yes! I don't have a job and that will help us a ton."  That was only in my head I said those words.  I actually said, "you should take it."  She tells me she will be done around 7-7:30pm.  She also mentioned she may go into work on Saturday so she doesn't have to stay so late.  That is all the information I received from her.  7:30pm comes and goes.  She finally calls when she is done and I say jokingly (not really) half an hour huh!  She instantly gets defensive and sounds snappy.  I say, "i will just let you drive home and cool off..."  ps dads don't say this to your wife who has worked 10 hrs because you don't have a job.  We hang up.

She gets home and I am folding the laundry in our room.  She says, "HI...(with attitude)" changes and than walks downstairs where she remains for about 45min.  She than comes up and we proceed to have a CONVERSATION about it.  We talk about how She is not feeling appreciated by me not thanking her for working so hard and putting in those long hours.  I was angry because I had worked hard around the house with getting the kids off to school and packing them for their weekend with their dad in Wyoming.  I made dinner and had it ready for her but she was late and didn't tell me so dinner was cold and the chicken was way too dry from being in the oven too long.

In all reality I would feel the same way she was feeling when I was working and would have to stay late for a client event or sales meeting or whatever.  She would feel underappreciated because she had been working very hard around the house and making dinner and doing things with the kiddos and I would come home and be angry at not being appreciated.  Same reasons she was angry at me for not appreciating her hard work.  I am quickly learning the very vital emotional truths about women and what they need to feel loved and appreciated from their husbands.

Open communication is the Key!  If you each know 100% how the other is feeling than you know how to change your actions and stop being an ASSumer all the time! ( I made that word up so I didn't have to swear lol)  This one event has made me greatly appreciate my wife and all those mothers out there who at first glance don't appear to have busy days but my gosh I have less time now than working 50-60hrs a week!

We as fathers need to be less selfish and prideful and respect our Wives.  Wives, i'm sorry but you need to try and be a little less easily offended by the things your husbands say.  99% of it is out of stupid ignorance.  Seek out patience in your life and when you walk in that door, Listen first; Then Think; Say, "Thank You and I Love You"; Then Kiss her!               


  1. These 2 sided stories are pretty might not want to be a stay at home dad for too long especially if the AC is emitting Estrogen... :)

    1. This is true! I fixed the leak so we are good. I am enjoying the fact that I have more tangible accomplishments to show for other than just financial. Any tips for me?

  2. Tage if only more of us couples could experience a "walking in each others shoes" type thing this scenario is all too familiar. Could you please talk to all men out there and tell them our job is really actually pretty tough, its not sitting around eating bon bons and playing with kids.