Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Night Football No More

I said it would be and it was.

Why can't they start schools at like 10am?  Seriously though.  I stroll over to the iHome and turn on Hilary Duff's "Last Christmas" with a smirk of course.  I start to do my crazy dad song which is really just a song about how many days they have been in school.  For example, today's song was "5th day."   Creative I know but I am not fully awake at 7am.  I thought this whole SAHD gig would allow me to finally sleep in a bit.  With only one parent at home I have to get ready before I wake the beasts up or I'm going out into the world looking no bueno!

We finally get out the door with all three kiddos; Lulu, Dooda, Bobo.  We are walking to school today because my car is in the shop.  It was a fun walk because the kids thought we were going to walk on the freeway.  To their disappoint, we did not walk on the freeway.  As to my Mediocre Expectations we walked under it.  I think it was sufficient for their adventurous minds.  We stopped at the swing park where the boys played like they were captains of a huge ship out at sea.  I, having thrown my back out the previous day sat cringing with a smile of course every time they took a moment to glance over in my direction.  After a great imagination break, we walked to the auto repair shop to pick up the car and head home.
Arriving at home to a broken garage door was a good start to the day.

I have lost my patience and I'm going to bed.  So, I thought.  She, the wife, is now telling me that I have to stay awake for the next 2hrs to right this post.  Too bad she didn't come up with the statement, "I said it would be done and it was."

Goodnight and farewell til meet again on the morrow.

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